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My Election Night

Mike and I celebrated prematurely by going out to dinner last night in downtown Ferndale, around 5:00, after we voted. We wanted to think positive thoughts and neither of us wanted to sit around the house waiting for the election results to start coming in. After the restaurant, we walked over to "American Pop" which is a classic toy /knickknack store with things like Felix the Cat, and Nightmare Before Christmas items. Plus, lots of 50's and 60's home items - furniture, appliances, barware. Yes, it is heaven to me. I picked up a special little item for angelout2killme and we talked to the owner about election hopes and stories. He's a great guy and I love shopping in his store.
We walked home and Mike went to pick up Michael while I turned on the TV, switching back between 10 different channels for coverage. Michael sat right next to me, his eyes glued to electoral vote numbers as they updated. When Ohio went to Obama at 9:30, I decided it was all over for McCain and I went to bed. However I slept horribly, still nervous about the results. Finally, Mike came in at 1 AM and reassured me by saying "To quote Craig Ferguson, it's a great day for America". After that, I was too excited to sleep. This morning, I've been checking out final results and I watched Obama's acceptance speech, which brought tears to my eyes. I've been so angry and fed up with the country for the past eight years. I finally have hope. Thanks to all who voted, and thanks for giving me my country back.


Taken from angelout2killme

When you see this, quote from Blackadder in your journal!

Mine is a simple quote, but it's from my favorite episode of Blackadder II  - Beer

Lady Whiteadder: Cold is God's way of telling us to burn more Catholics.



My niece, Maegen, is graduating in three weeks from the Paul Mitchell School.  While she's been there, I've taken advantage of the fact that I can get great cuts and colors at an incredibly cheap price.   She's come a long way and I'm very proud of her.  I've always tried to support her in her endeavors.    Anway, here is my latest do, thanks to Maegen, the future junior Hair Goddess.... *applause sign flashes*

hairdy hair hairCollapse )


I saw this on Boingboing.net.   It explains how the subprime mortgage market collapsed,  in easy terms and in about 2 minutes, through the magic of stick figures! 



I need more cowbell!

Do this:


upload a song and they will add more cowbell and Christopher Walken.   It's true! More cowbell is always better.

I did   "catholic day" by Adam and the Ants. 

Oh, and they're hiring!


I found this in The Metro Times food section, under "It Works"   



Sexist Olympic Uniforms and a warning...

I was discussing the Olympics with some co-workers and the guys mentioned wanting to watch the women's beach volleyball because of their small outfits. I thought "oh yeah. The guys volleyball team will probably be wearing speedos. I'm watching THAT!"

Um, No. The required women's uniform for beach volleyball is a bra top, and a small bottom that can't exceed 7 cm on the sides (according to the official rules). The men's team members, on the other hand, wear a tank top and shorts. The sexist aspect of this has been well discussed online, so I won't delve into that, other than to express disappointment in not being able to see some beach volleyball beefcake. Instead, I would like to warn the women that wearing something like that in competition may get you some unwanted attention:

This is what I think about late at night when I'm hopped up on cough syrup.

Seraphic_slayer posted about the absurdity of the name "Abominable Snowman". I was thinking the same thing during The Mummy 3 trailer, when Brendan Fraser screams out "abominable snowman!". What an odd name. Why "abominable"? Here's the cough syrup explanation.

The dictionary defines abominable as : very bad, poor, or inferior.repugnantly hateful; detestable; loathsome.very unpleasant; disagreeable.
Perhaps the intention was to differentiate between your average snowman and the sort of snowman you would find in the Himalayas.
Your basic, civilzed snowman is docile; quiet. He won't say a peep, even if you kick him in the nuts. He just stands there and takes it. He doesn't even mind the carrot nose or the mismatched scarf and mittens. On a warm day, he'll peacefully melt into a mush. (I bet you could even kick Frosty the Snowman in the nuts and the only reply would be a higher pitched "Happy Birthday"). An abominable snowman, on the other hand, is a violent creature. Aggressive. Teeth-baring. You won't get anywhere near his nuts. But why the weird adjective? Wikipedia says :"Mr Henry Newman, a longtime contributor to The Statesman in Kolkata, interviewed the porters of the "Everest Reconnaissance expedition" upon their return to Darjeeling. Newman mistranslated the word "metoh" as "filthy" or "dirty", substituting the term "abominable", perhaps out of artistic license. " Filthy Snowman? Dirty Snowman? I'm trying to envision Brendan Fraser shouting those out. How 'bout "Scary Ass Snowman"?

What do you think would be a better name?

Who Cake!

Props to pmoodie for the dalek design. It's brilliant!


Birthday Greetings to sylo_tode

How does it feel to be the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?